12th RQC 2019

• Quality Council of India in partnership with FICCI is organisingthe 12th Regional Quality Conclave (RQC) on ‘‘LeveragingQuality for Manufacturing Competitiveness” on 23rd January 2020, at Taj Gateway in Kochi.

  • The primary objective of the Conclave is todiscuss quality systems and practices to achieve the competitivenessin Manufacturing. Few reasons why companies need to emphasize onquality for the smooth functioning of their business include strengthenedcompetitive position, adaptability to changing or emerging marketconditions and to environmental and other government regulations, higherproductivity, elimination of defects, better cost management and improved customer focus and satisfaction, etc. Also, in the currentmarket scenario, innovative manufacturing requires intelligent systems to integrate the plant’s operations with business systems andsupply chains.

  • The conclave will witness presentations and discussions on strategies that drive global competitiveness in quality, role of innovative designing, smart technologies and personnel excellence, driving quality in manufacturing.

  • The Conclave expects to receive 150 plus participants from top organizations, mainly from Kerala region.